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4 Types of Forex Market Analysis

Forex Trading Analysis involves the study of currency price movement through charts. It can be a very useful tool for determining profitable entry and exit points. There are two main types of analysis used by traders in the Forex market – fundamental and technical. Both have their own benefits and disadvantages. 1. Fundamental Analysis Forex […]

Day Trading Forex Currency

In the professional foreign exchange community, forex day trading is widely known as “Forex Scalping”. It is one of the most common and flourishing strategies used by professionals to create their living trading and investing in the Forex markets. This strategy goes along with multiple benefits that are not available in the market which makes […]

Currency Forex Market Trading

Any investor or trader in the forex market knows that FOREX is the combination of foreign and exchange. The forex market is where the foreign exchange happens where different currencies are traded. Usually, one currency comes in pair with another currency. Before, large banks and financial institutions take charge in doing the trading. Due to […]

Forex Assassin Review

Have you ever heard about charts, indicators, formulas or Fibonacci? If you didn’t then Forex Assassin might become your best friend in no time. This is a very revolutionary system that will use none of the above mentioned element and will still learn you how to trade. The only indicator used in this system is […]

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