Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette and Its Major Difference from (Activated) Coconut Charcoal

People today have talked about how great the coconut shell charcoal briquette is, especially for burning and grilling. But in general, coconut shell waste still has tons of good use, even within its waste form. The great thing about the briquette and the charcoal is that it’s completely natural and pure. It doesn’t include any dangerous substances or toxic materials that can be dangerous for human and the surrounding environment.

Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette and Its Different Use

You need to differentiate coconut charcoal briquette and coconut charcoal. The first one refers to briquette form of coconut shell waste which can be used for burning and cooking. The latter one is the charcoal form of the coconut, which usually comes as food-grade substance. You can only use the briquette for cooking and burning. But you can use the coconut charcoal for consumption. The charcoal can also be used in medicinal application, such as dialysis unit for filtering the blood.

The Common Use of the Coconut Shell Waste

As it was stated before, even the waste of the coconut shell can still be useful and handy. You can change it into briquettes, which can be used for burning and cooking. This has been a common practice since the ancient times, but modern technology has brought it up to a new higher level of sophistication. People have been making briquettes and sell them to foreign lands for profits.

Coconut Charcoal Modern Usages

Besides the briquettes, coconut shell can also be turned to charcoal form, which can be consumed and ingested. Some of the best applications include:

  • Food industry. Some people have used it for supplements. You can mix up the charcoal in your food and consume it.
  • Skincare industry. Coconut charcoal is often produced as soap, which is believed to deliver better cleanliness and health results when used regularly.
  • Teeth whitener. Charcoal is believed to improve oral health. Just like the soap, coconut charcoal can help make your teeth whiter and healthier. Some of the products are simply made into direct whitener, not as toothpaste. When applied to your teeth, the products are said to deliver potent results. You can say goodbye to yellow or dak teeth.
  • Animal feed. Since it’s safe for ingestion and consumption, the charcoal is often given to pigs, poultry, and cattle. According to some researches, when animals are given this coconut charcoal, they can produce more milk. Not to mention that these animals also experience weight gain while reducing the possibilities of diseases. This is great for more improved meat production.

The General Advantages

Just like coconut briquettes, the coconut charcoal does have its own benefits. Some of them are:

  • Better detoxification. Coconut charcoal has been known as this effective and potent detox agent that can help get rid of toxins and other unwanted substances. Of course, it’s advisable that you consult your doctor first before using any supplement with coconut charcoal as its main ingredients.
  • Cleansing agent. If you want to improve internal cleansing to the highest level, you should include coconut charcoal in your diet. The charcoal will bind body’s harmful toxins together with bile acids and then flush everything from the body. When you consume this charcoal, not only you can eliminate dangerous toxins, but you can also prevent toxins accumulation within the body.
  • Bloating prevention. The charcoal has been known for its natural ability to deal with bloating and flatulence. When you are able to combine it with other ginger extract or digestive enzymes, you won’t have to worry about any intestinal discomfort anymore.

Bottom Line

As you can see, coconut shell has an abundant usages and benefits. It’s great for the environment. It also does wonderful thing to your health. Now that you have seen the difference of coconut shell charcoal briquette and coconut charcoal, you can decide which one is the best for you.

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