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Allianz Indonesia, a leading insurance provider in the country, offers a variety of individual insurance products designed to meet various customer needs and preferences.

From life insurance and health protection to travel protection and investment-related plans, Allianz Health Insurance provides comprehensive solutions to protect individuals and their families from a variety of risks and uncertainties.

In this detailed guide, we will explore the individual insurance products offered by Allianz Indonesia, highlighting their features, benefits and suitability for various lifestyles and financial goals.

Life Insurance Products

1. Allianz PowerLink

Allianz PowerLink is a flexible and customizable life insurance plan that offers comprehensive protection and investment opportunities.

Policyholders can choose from various coverage options, including death benefits, total and permanent disability coverage, and critical illness protection.

Additionally, Allianz PowerLink allows policyholders to allocate premiums to investment funds, providing the potential for long-term wealth accumulation and financial growth.

2. Allianz Ace

Allianz Ace is a whole life insurance plan that provides lifelong protection and guaranteed cash benefits. Policyholders receive coverage for death and disability, along with cash values that accumulate over time.

Allianz Ace offers peace of mind and financial security for individuals and their loved ones, ensuring that they are prepared for the unexpected and can build a legacy for future generations.

Health Insurance Products

1. Allianz MyHealth

Allianz MyHealth is a comprehensive health insurance plan that offers coverage for medical expenses, hospitalization, and critical illnesses.

Policyholders have access to a wide network of hospitals and healthcare providers, ensuring timely and quality medical care.

Allianz MyHealth also includes wellness benefits such as health screenings and preventive services, promoting proactive health management and well-being.

2. Allianz Sehat Bersama

Allianz Sehat Bersama is a family health insurance plan that provides coverage for individuals, couples, and families. Policyholders can customize their coverage to suit their needs, with options for outpatient care, inpatient treatment, maternity benefits, and preventive services.

Allianz Sehat Bersama offers affordable and comprehensive protection for families, ensuring that they can access quality healthcare when needed.

Travel Insurance Products

Allianz Travel Care

Allianz Travel Care is a travel insurance plan that provides coverage for individuals and families traveling domestically and internationally.

Policyholders receive protection against trip cancellations, delays, baggage loss, and medical emergencies, ensuring peace of mind while traveling.

Allianz Travel Care offers 24/7 assistance and support services, including emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, to ensure that travelers are well-protected wherever they go.

Investment-Linked Insurance Products

Allianz SmartLink

Allianz SmartLink is an investment-linked insurance plan that combines life insurance coverage with investment opportunities. Policyholders have the flexibility to choose from a range of investment funds based on their risk tolerance and investment objectives.

Allianz SmartLink offers potential long-term growth and wealth accumulation, allowing policyholders to achieve their financial goals while ensuring protection for themselves and their loved ones.


Allianz Indonesia individual insurance products provide comprehensive protection, financial security and peace of mind for individuals and families.

Whether you are looking for life insurance protection, health protection, Health Insurance, or investment opportunities, Allianz Indonesia offers a variety of products to suit your needs and preferences.

With customizable options, flexible features and reliable customer service, Allianz Indonesia is committed to helping customers protect what matters most and achieve their financial goals with confidence.

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