How To Make Money In The Forex Niche – Some Alternative Approaches

How To Make Money In The Forex Niche - Some Alternative Approaches

Every year thousands of people enter the forex niche. Some go on to become highly profitable traders, whilst others end up losing money. However it’s important to point out that there are many ways you can make money in this industry.

It may be the case that you are making some decent profits from your trading, but are still trading relatively modest amounts. In which case you will probably want to find a way to make a little extra money, and one way of doing that is by selling your trading signals.

If you are a profitable trader, then your trading signals will always be in demand from other traders. So you could either start up your own website and promote it heavily in order to attract monthly subscribers, or you could sign up to an automated signal provider and let people access your signals this way instead.

There are a few of these websites up and running now and they work by bringing signal providers and people looking for signals together. The visitors can subscribe to as many providers as they like from one central website. As a signal provider you will get a small commission per trade per subscriber, so you can make a very nice income if you are a profitable trader because you will inevitably attract many subscribers.

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The second way you can make an additional income from forex trading is by selling your trading system, or creating some kind of information product detailing everything you know. Again if you have a proven system in place and are clearly a very successful trader, then you should have no problems finding buyers for your product.

You can take this one step further by getting in touch with some of the main bloggers and marketers in this niche. These people will have very large email lists so you can offer them a commission for every sale that they generate in order to encourage them to promote your product to their list.

One final way you can make some extra money is one that is ideal if you are not yet a profitable trader. You can simply set yourself up as an affiliate marketer and promote various products that you come across, that other people may be interested in buying. Product owners will often pay a sizeable commission (sometimes as high as 50-75% per sale) so this alone could provide you with a full-time income.

It is certainly a lot less stressful than trading the markets yourself. All you do is create a website or blog and set about building an email list so you have a large list of prospects. Then you can sign up to affiliate programs and do deals with product owners to start making some sales and generating some serious cash.

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So the point is that there are a lot of opportunities in the forex niche. If you are making money from trading, then you have even greater opportunities to make even more money. However even if you are a poor trader yourself, you can still make a big profit from promoting various products and services in this niche.

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